Skanect has a new home!

Dear Skanect users,

We are very excited to announce that ManCTL Inc., the company behind Skanect, has just been acquired by Occipital Inc, one of the world’s leading developers of computer vision-based mobile apps.

Founded in 2008, Occipital is the creator of RedLaser (acquired by eBay in 2010) and 360 Panorama, the world’s top selling mobile panorama app, downloaded 7 million times.

We will continue to actively develop Skanect within Occipital, and we strongly believe that our new environment will allow us to bring much better 3D scanning to more people on even more platforms. In fact, it already has.

For the time being, not much will change for you, Skanect will be supported as before, the license scheme is unchanged, and the software will continue being maintained and extended.

We would also like to seize the opportunity of this message to thank you all for the incredibly valuable feedback and support you have been giving us so far, which allowed Skanect to keep improving and attract a growing base of users.

You are the ones making it happen, and we are happier than ever to keep on serving you!

Happy Scanning!

The Skanect Team

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