Skanect 1.9, with higher resolution color textures

Dear Skanect Users,

We’re happy to announce the public release of Skanect 1.9! The most important change is the ability to stream higher-resolution color frames from an iOS device through Uplink, which results in textures with significantly more details. Below is an example of before/after when enabling this option.

Difference between Skanect 1.8 and Skanect 1.9

Here is a more detailed list of the changes:

  • The new additional higher-resolution color streaming mode is available when using the Structure Sensor over Uplink. You can enable it within the Skanect user interface by changing the value of Prepare->Settings->Uplink Mode. Note that when using higher-resolution color frames, images will only be captured when the camera is moving slowly to avoid motion blur and rolling shutter artefacts. The Structure App will now tell you if you have to slow down to capture a new color frame.
  • A new, faster CUDA-based fusion replaces the previous GPU fusion implementation. Note that while this makes live scanning faster and maximizes the amount of data captured, it may result in an extra processing delay once you hit the stop button, especially with the high/very high quality feedback modes.
  • An additional “Very High” feedback quality setting (for high-performance GPUs only, with more than 2GB of memory).
  • CUDA 8 support updated to enable the latest Nvidia GPUs based on the Pascal architecture (e.g. GTX 1080 or Titan). You may need to upgrade your Nvidia drivers accordingly.
  • CPU processing is now ~2x faster on Windows.
  • Colorizing now enables Prioritize first frame by default since it usually gives better looking textures.
  • The Shapeways uploader support has been extended with pricing and email sharing options. The API has also been updated.
  • The Sculpteo uploader has been retired and is not available anymore.
  • The plane cropping offset can now be set with 0.1% increments, and the time limit for recording can now go up to 180 seconds.
  • It is now possible to specify custom bounding box sizes, location and orientation through custom values in the configuration file. This advanced feature will be documented separately in a following post.

To update your version of Skanect, download and install the latest version. Important: To use Uplink with Skanect 1.9 you will also need to upgrade Structure App on your iOS device. Download Structure App on the App Store.

Happy scanning!

— The Occipital Team

PS: A big thanks to all the beta users for their early feedback!

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