Skanect 1.9.1 has arrived!

Greetings Skanect users!

We’re back with an updated version of Skanect 1.9. The latest version – 1.9.1 – offers a few new bug fixes and feature upgrades to make Skanect as stable and useful as ever.

Most notably, uploading your 3D models directly to Shapeways is now back. Want to 3D print that 3D scan of your sleeping dog in solid gold, or get a colorized sandstone 3D print of a family heirloom? After you capture it in 3D using Skanect, Shapeways can print it on demand in 60+ materials, ranging from simple PLA and ABS plastics to precious metals, ceramic and even castable wax! You can even start your own 3D portrait business using Structure Sensor, Skanect and Shapeways together.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.04.03 AM

Beyond re-enabling Shapeways uploads, there’s one more minor update to Skanect 1.9.1. There is now support for PCs equipped with CUDA 9.0 GPUs, so you’ll be able to capture and process 3D models faster than ever before.

To upgrade to Skanect 1.9.1, simply head to the download page and get the version that is right for your computer. If you already have a license to Skanect Pro, enter your license information in the Prepare/License menu and you’ll be ready to go!

Finally, a tip for our pro users who use Skanect for a recurring 3D scanning task (say, 3D scanning people to print 3D miniatures). You can specify a config file to pre-set an optimal bounding box size, or an initial camera height, for instance. Learn how to do that here.

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