Skanect was developed by ManCTL, a company founded in late 2011 by Nicolas Tisserand and Nicolas Burrus. The company was acquired by Occipital in 2013.


Previously lead developer, software architect, tools maintainer and systems administrator at a French DJ Software Shop, Nicolas was, for more than 4 years, in charge of the design and implementation of several DJ applications, and gained priceless skills and experience in the cross-platform, real-time, end-user application development process, from the initial idea to the final boxed product. With almost 10 years of experience in image processing, Nicolas got his PhD in computer vision in 2008 and was a researcher at Carlos III University (Madrid) until March 2012. Since the Kinect was released, he has been one of the first to publish source code and demo applications showing the potential of the Kinect for computer vision applications. His opensource software RGBDemo has become very popular among the Kinect community and is being used in various computer vision labs and companies around the world.