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Skanect Pro + Structure Core = 3D Scanning for Windows

Recently at Occipital, we launched an all-new sensor: Structure Core. Equipped with a sophisticated suite of optics plus an onboard IMU, Structure Core is a perfect sensor for adding 3D sensing to cutting-edge devices like robots, drones and AR/VR headsets.

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Skanect 1.9.1 has arrived!

Greetings Skanect users! We’re back with an updated version of Skanect 1.9. The latest version – 1.9.1 – offers a few new bug fixes and feature upgrades to make Skanect as stable and useful as ever. Most notably, uploading your

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Skanect 1.9, with higher resolution color textures

Dear Skanect Users, We’re happy to announce the public release of Skanect 1.9! The most important change is the ability to stream higher-resolution color frames from an iOS device through Uplink, which results in textures with significantly more details. Below

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